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Project spotlight | Jam 3 / MediaMonks

Office design/execution/Photography
Jam3, Amsterdam
Feb 2023

We had the pleasure of designing and realizing a new second office of 300m2 for Jam3. Jam3 is a creative agency that creates modern experiences for the brands of tomorrow and recently merged with MediaMonks.

In addition to the flexible workspaces, we have created 6 rooms for meetings, conference calls, break-out areas and smaller focus rooms. Each room is completely immersed in one color, from the floor to the ceiling. This creates a calm atmosphere, actually a kind of focus bubble.

We are proud to mention that we have collaborated with brands such as De Vorm, Fest and de Machinekamer. Our goal was to create an inspiring and functional environment that stimulates the creativity and productivity of Jam3 employees. We are confident that this new office will have a positive impact on the work and collaboration within the team and look forward to delivering even more exciting projects in the future.

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