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About Studio Reverie _


Apparently you are looking for help in furnishing your home, office, restaurant, shop, or any other space.
Let me tell you about Studio Reverie.


Studio Reverie is an interior design studio that specializes in commercial & hospitality design. But also designs interiors of private homes.

We deliver designs from the drawing board to turnkey delivery. We have a large network of builders, suppliers & brands that we work with.

At Studio Reverie we have a great passion for colour, shape and materials and for creating a perfect mix between aesthetics and function in interiors. Creating spaces that feel peaceful, comfortable, yet playful. Spaces that feel like a warm blanket generate positivity and allow you to be inspired.

My name is Sanne, I am the founder of Studio Reverie. At the end of 2019, after working as a shoe designer at Nike for 10 years and years of freelance designing clothing and graphic design, I decided to follow my heart in my old passion architecture & interior design. I have an eye for color & trends, am an innovative thinker & think in terms of solutions. I have a strong intuition to sense what customers want and need, even before they know it. It is my mission to create that dream interior together with my client.

Services _

Interior design

Commercial / Residential / Hospitality  

Space planning

Custom furniture design

Project Development

Publications _

2022 / Le journal du maison / no

2022 / VT Living / nr

2022 / Parents of today / nr 

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