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Project Spotlight | Brinkhof lawyers | office styling.

Office design / Restaurant design and implementation.
Brinkhof BV Amsterdam
December, 2022
​/ Restaurant design and implementation.

Brinkhof is a leading law firm with a strong focus on innovation and technology. In 2021 they moved to a beautiful building on Amsterdam's Bickerseiland. However, the interior still needed some attention to really come into its own. Studio Reverie was asked to add warmth and character to this unique office.

Classic and Chic Appearance

For Brinkhof we opted for a classic and chic design. This has been achieved through the use of walnut wood, velvet with textures and dark steel accents. These materials give the office a timeless and elegant look.

Color palette

The color palette consists of cool gray and blue tones, supplemented with warm pink and brown tones. This combination creates a balance between a professional and inviting atmosphere.

Natural materials

In the common areas we have chosen natural materials such as handmade tiles, oak panels and rich fabrics with natural textures. This creates a warm and hospitable environment in which both employees and visitors feel comfortable.

Decoration and Styling

We decorated the restaurant in the building with stylish tiles, window coverings, green plants and various styling objects. These elements add a touch of coziness and liveliness to the space.


Studio Reverie has proudly worked on the interior design and implementation for Brinkhof law firm. Blending classic elegance and modern warmth, we have created a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Brinkhof can now proudly receive their clients in an office that reflects their innovative and progressive character.

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