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Are you looking for a new design for your office space, hotel, restaurant or business space and don't know where to start?

Studio Reverie is an interior studio with extensive knowledge of materials, brands and construction with a large network of suppliers and builders with whom we collaborate.

You can contact us for a complete interior design and we also take care of the implementation and project management, saving you a lot of time and stress.

Contact us for more information and receive a customized quote and estimated budget for your project.

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Step-by-Step Plan for business interior design and Office execution

At Studio Reverie, we believe that a well-thought-out interior design is essential for the productivity and well-being of your employees. Follow our carefully designed process to elevate your office interior to the next level.



Step 1: Initial introduction and office interior consultation

  • Objective: Understand your business needs, work processes, and style preferences.

  • Activities: An initial meeting to analyze your current office space and discuss your wishes and requirements.

  • Outcome: A clear overview of your expectations and goals for the interior design.


Step 2: Space analysis and concept development

  • Objective: In-depth analysis of your office space to gain insights into the current layout, lighting, and flow.

  • Activities: Measurements, photography, and functional analysis of the space. Development of a concept design that takes your needs and business identity into account.

  • Outcome: A conceptual plan that forms the foundation for further design.

Step 3: Office space layout plan to scale

  • Objective: Create a detailed layout plan that optimally uses the available space.

  • Activities: Drafting a scale drawing that optimizes the functions of the different areas and determines the most effective use of the space.

  • Outcome: A layout plan that functionally and aesthetically meets your business needs.


Step 4: Design proposal and presentation

  • Objective: Present a visual design that reflects your vision.

  • Activities: Creation of 3D visualizations, mood boards, and floor plans. Presentation of the design proposal and discussion of any adjustments.

  • Outcome: An approved design ready for detailing and execution.

Step 5: Material and furniture selection

  • Objective: Select the right materials, colors, and furniture that match the design and your budget.

  • Activities: Visits to showrooms, consultations with suppliers, and making final choices for all components of the office interior.

  • Outcome: A detailed list of materials and furniture, including samples and color swatches.


Step 6: Budgeting and procurement

  • Objective: Draft a detailed budget and carefully plan the costs.

  • Activities: Compile a budget overview, collaborate with suppliers for the best price-quality ratio, and procure all necessary furniture and materials.

  • Outcome: A transparent and well-managed budget that fits within your company’s financial possibilities.


Step 7: Technical development and planning

  • Objective: Detailed technical development of the design and creation of an execution plan.

  • Activities: Create technical drawings, specify installations and facilities, and develop an execution schedule.

  • Outcome: Ready to move the project to the execution phase with a clear timeline and budget.


Step 8: Execution and realization of office interior design

  • Objective: Accurate execution of the design according to plan and specifications.

  • Activities: Coordinate contractors, suppliers, and craftsmen. Regular site visits to monitor progress and ensure quality.

  • Outcome: A transformed office space that meets all design criteria and functional requirements.


Step 9: Final delivery and evaluation of business interior design

  • Objective: Completion of the project and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Activities: Final inspection of the completed work, handover of the space, and evaluation with the client.

  • Outcome: A beautifully finished office that enhances productivity and reinforces the company identity.

Ready to transform your office into an inspiring and efficient workspace? Contact Studio Reverie today for a free introductory meeting. Let us guide you through every step of the process, from concept to realization, and experience the difference that professional business interior design can make.

Studio Reverie – Where aesthetics and functionality come together in perfection.


Phone: +31 6 43819301

At Studio Reverie, we are passionate about creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also have a positive impact on the well-being and productivity of those who use them. Whether you need a small office renovation or a large-scale hotel project, we offer a personal and professional approach tailored to your needs and objectives. Let us be your partner in realizing your dream interior and discover the power of design that is both aesthetic and functional.

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Inrichting kantoor met vergaderruimte in kas

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