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Project Spotlight | Jam3 | Office design

Office design and implementation
Jam3, Amsterdam
April 2022

An Inspiring Workplace for Jam3

Jam3 is a creative agency that creates innovative experiences for the brands of tomorrow. After moving from Toronto to Amsterdam, they needed a new home that could reflect their brand and creative energy. Studio Reverie has achieved this by creating a space that both feels like home and is functional for their creative processes.

Design concept

The design for Jam3's office is infused with colorful and retro elements, creating a playful and inspiring atmosphere. The bar, a central meeting place within the office, is equipped with unique tiles that are not only visually attractive but also promote a sense of connection.

Acoustic Solutions

Being a large open space, it was crucial to implement effective acoustic solutions. Various acoustic panels and materials have been used to ensure a quiet and productive working environment, despite the open and collaborative nature of the space.

Cool and Artistic

The style of the office is a perfect reflection of Jam3's identity as a cool and artistic company. With a mix of modern art, vibrant colors and retro accents, the office offers a dynamic environment where creativity and innovation can flourish.

A Place Like Home

After two years of working from home, it was essential for Jam3 to have an office that employees enjoy going to again. Studio Reverie has fulfilled this wish by creating a warm, inviting and inspiring workplace where the Jam3 team truly feels at home.

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