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Are you looking to create a new office space, hotel or restaurant and don't know where to start?  

Studio Reverie is an interior design studio with plenty of knowledge of materials, brands and construction with a big data base of suppliers and builders that we work with.


We can offer you a full interior design catered to all you needs and also take care of the implementation and project management so you safe lots of time & stress.

Please contact us for more information and get a tailored quote and estimated budget.


We love to hear all about your plans!


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Interior Design

Commercial / Residential / Hospitality  

Space Planning

Custom furniture design

Project development

As the world transitions into a new norm of contactless experiences, sustainable living and a home away from the home concept, the hospitality sector has been re-inventing and adapting to match these experiences. In the last few years’ people’s relationships with space have evolved, and the desire to include natural elements in everyday living has gone up 


Past pandemic the function of the office has changed with the new hybrid working method. Employers and employees are increasingly looking for a place where everyone feels 'at home' and where people come together to meet colleagues. But when they work they want to be in their bubble

Sanne Hordijk

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